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Why businesses need to take responsibility January 14, 2006

Posted by Stephan Becker in CSR, Uncategorized.
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Environmental degradation often results when competition forces businesses to cut corners. Inevitably this means the environment that ends up paying the price. A car manufacturer, for example, does not consider what happens to the car at the end of the car’s life cycle. Once it reaches the end of the road, brakes down and becomes unusable, it is not the car makers’ responsibility to take back the product and ensure it does not represent a burden for the environment.

What would happen if car manufacturers were held responsible for the proper removal of their products at the end of their life? Initial sales prices would rise because manufacturers would have to include costs related to recycling. This would also, most likely, force companies to search for more environmentally friendly products for use in manufacturing, rather that than simply opt for the cheapest. So what is my point here, in terms of coral reef preservation, you may ask? Well, this example is valid, not just for cars, but for all products we consume.

In my opinion, everything in life is interconnected, making it vital that we take responsibility for our actions. If all businesses took responsibility, by integrating environmental costs into their products, the cost of these products would certainly rise, but we would also reduce (over) consumption – one of the major contributors to environmental degradation. The price we pay for goods today are not the true prices we would have to pay if we took environmental cost into account; we basically pay subsidized market prices, and expect the environment to take up the slack.

So what can we do as consumers if we want to take responsibility? Well, one option would be to look for products that respect the environment in their production, are recyclable and are manufactured by companies that give back to the environment.

This is why I wanted Beautiful Oceans to adopt a policy of charitable donation. Beautiful Oceans takes responsibility by giving back 1% of its annual sales or 10% of its pre-tax profits to not-for profit organizations working in the field of coral reef preservation.

Have a beautiful day, Stephan

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