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Beautiful Oceans’ Coral Reef Blog is a tropical warm water space about coral reefs and its inhabitants, brought to you by Ian Popple and Stephan Becker, two crazy idealists. Our aim is to marvel you in providing regular blogs about coral reef biology, amazing behaviors of coral reef organisms and new insights in coral reef ecology – not the usual stuff you can read on websites, but stuff you can actually see and experience in water… mostly stuff we have experienced and seen in-water ourselves!

This blog is especially designed for scuba divers, snorkelers and all coral reef lovers out there that enjoy learning about coral reefs – but it also serves a very specific purpose: This blog also aims at spreading the word about a revolutionary new business idea, called Beautiful Oceans (www.beautifuloceans.com).

Beautiful Oceans offers the finest coral reef biology courses for recreational scuba divers and snorkelers, while donating 10% of its profits directly to partner organizations working in the field of coral reef preservation. We think that in giving back to the natural environment, businesses can have a tremendous impact on the future of our planet. We are profoundly convinced that there is away of doing business while doing good.

Beautiful Oceans eAcademy

Beautiful Oceans is situated at the forefront of this new way of doing business, but like most revolutionary new ideas, it needs the help of people to succeed… In order to achieve our objectives, we need your help – we need you to spread the word about this blog and about Beautiful Oceans.

In doing so, you are demonstrating your devotion to the natural world and its diverse and interconnected life, while taking an important step toward preventing further degradation of a unique and magnificent ecosystem—the coral reef.

For this, we would like to thank you,

Stephan BeckerIan Popple

Stephan & Ian
To spread the word about this blog, please send our blog adress to a friend.
To spread the word about Beautiful Oceans, please click here.



1. Kristen Bergan - January 19, 2007

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