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Fish camouflage – How does it work? March 12, 2006

Posted by Stephan Becker in Coral Reef Organism Behaviour, Uncategorized.

Tropical fish come in a large array of colors as most scuba divers and
snorklers are ready to testify. Although you might already know that changes
in color and markings are common between the juvenile lifestage and
adulthood for members of the same species (oh.. you did not? – welcome then
to the amazing world of coral reef organisms!). Few of us actually know how
exactly this works and what the reasons are for these color changes. Well,
let me assure you, even scientists don’t have all the answers to this
question, but some mysteries have been elucidated and make diving and
snorkeling all the more enjoyable for those among you with an insatiable
thirst for knowledge.

Interestingly enough, some tropical fish do not only change color between
different life stages (juvenile – adult), but are capable of changing color
almost at will… At will? Well, almost… actually, it’s more a response to
the time of day (night colors – day colors), a specific activity (mating), a
threat (hiding), or even mood (ever played ‘find the color of my diving
suit’ with a trumpet fish?).

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So how do they do it? Tropical fishes are covered with irregular shaped
cells called chromatophores that contain pigments. The color saturation of
any chosen pigment area is modified by impulses coming from nerve endings
connected to these chromatophores, but can also be triggered by hormones.
Fish can either concentrate the pigments
in the center of each individual cell – making it appear paler or, in
the contrary, expand the pigmentation over a larger area and thus intensify
the color.

I will always remember that one dive on a Barbadian reef in 2002 when,
observing a trumpet fish floating upside-down besides me for about 15
minutes, I suddenly noticed a frantic color change happening over the entire
body of my playmate… a real firework of colors… until it came to a halt
when it matched exactly the color combination of my wetsuit – a luminescent
turquoise green with greyish-blue stripes… the charming little creature was trying to
interact with me – and matched the color perfectly! I can tell you, underwater
experiences like this really change the way you perceive coral reefs and make
you want to protect its magnificent inhabitants…

Wish you all a beautiful day,

Do you have interesting stories about coral reef organism behaviour to share? I would love to hear them – Please use the “add a comment’ button below.



1. Hayden - March 2, 2009

I love stuff like that. I watch a lot of nature programmes and im always dazzled by natures little surprises.

I am trying to track down a study on the effects of ‘chromatophorotropin’ on human epidermal cells.

Someone must have tried that? A concentrated dose of Chromatophorotropin may be the key to making your boss disappear!

Nice article btw. Sharm El Sheik in Egypt is great for divers, it’s incredible!!!

2. ty - April 22, 2009

u didnt tell how it changes or how it works

3. roxy - June 15, 2009


4. Jennifer - December 8, 2009

I love nature to thank you!!!!

5. Car - January 11, 2010

me 2!!! i so wanna help save the world, but i’m not even old enough to touch a steering weel 😦

6. someone - February 20, 2010

its awesome

7. Roxy Salomon - May 20, 2010

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9. saniyya faheem - September 8, 2010

thank you for giving the information!!

10. Kaylah - September 14, 2010

You can’t even see it barly. I wish I could save them too but I am too young also.

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12. Caroline - October 11, 2010

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63. Jesus Freak - November 15, 2011

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Rachel - February 23, 2012

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