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Diving AND Snorkeling in Grenada is fun! January 18, 2006

Posted by Stephan Becker in Dive & Snorkel Reports.

Now who said snorkeling is no fun for scuba divers? Yesterday, I rediscovered the freedom of swimming, skin diving and roaming around the reef without a tank on my back and weighs around my waist. Not that it replaces scuba diving, but for exporing the shallower portions of a typical Caribbean fringing reef, the shore zone, back reef zone and flat reefs, it seems an ideal way of observing marine life up close.

We visited ‘Flamingo bay’, a wave protected little spot situated righ in the Grenadian marine park. A short 10 minutes boat ride away form our dive base at Aquanauts Grenada, here is what we have come to see: some very nice stands of Acropora palmata (Elkhorn coral), Ophioblennius atlanticus (Redlip blenny), Porites porites (Finger coral), Myripristis jacobus (Blackbar soldierfish) Stegastes planifrons (Threespot damselfish), Turf alage and much more… everything is there allowing our snorkeling students to apply the course ‘Coral Reef Architecture & Organisms’ in the warm waters of this beautiful spot… Tomorrow : night dive! Stay tuned…

Cheers, Stephan

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