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What a great day! January 15, 2006

Posted by Stephan Becker in Coral Reef Organism Behaviour, Dive & Snorkel Reports.

Didn’t I tell that we have arrived in Grenada 7 days ago? Oups… how could I have missed that. Nice Caribbean breeze, beautiful bays, great diving! We are here to promote Beautiful Oceans to the local dive centers – and to do loads of diving of course…

Nice reefs, teamin with life: Nurse sharks, eagle rays, French Angel, Grey Angel are the ones that pop immediately into my mind… Not to forget the smaller, but nonetheless very interesting reef inhabitants that deserve close observation because of behaviours that will always blow my mind: Threespot damsels (Stegastes planifrons) defending their little algae patch against any intruder in the back reef zone, Boulder star coral (Monastrea annularis) adopting a flattened growth form to catch more light for photosynthesis in the drop-off zone… it is actually quite fun to apply our course ‘Coral Reef Artchitecture & Organisms’ – even if I have contributet to the writing of that very same course…

But today, we spent most of the time out of the water: at Saint George’s University, Grenada. Loads of student freshmen of this local University take the opportunity to meet local businesses and organizations at a campus fair… shopping around and getting informationabout what to do in their leisure time (if there is any left…). Quite some students were interested in our course, and a few students have even taken a free online preview of the course while we were still on campus showing our course books around… quite quick on the mouse I’d say…:-)

Anyway – more tomorrow from beautiful Spice Island… (By the way, did you know that Grenada provides one third of the world nutmeg production? – certainly deserves its name for that one alone…)

Cheers, Stephan

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